Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions With Slightly Humorous, But Truthful Answers


Q. What Kinds of Music Do You Record?

A. We record all kinds of music! Rock, Metal, Alternative, Hip-hop, Rap, Gospel, Choirs, Country, Caribbean, Voiceovers, Slam Poetry, and more. If it makes sound, we record it.

Q. What Types of Microphones, Drums, Gear, Coffee/Tea Offerings Do You Provide?

A. Our entire Gear List including Microphones and all other equipment available for your exclusive use during your session is available on our Gear Page

Q. How Do I Book Time?

A. Call us at 609-914-0230 or email us at Once we identify a date and time, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your session. The balance of the session is due at the end of your session. Keep in mind, your date is only secured when your deposit is paid. Block Rate sessions require payment in full.

Q. When Do You Have Time Available?

A. We are available by appointment from 10:00am to Midnight. We occasionally make exceptions for early risers and night owls. We recommend planning two weeks in advance to have the best chance of securing the day/time of your choosing. As you might imagine, weekends are very popular so it’s wise to plan further in advance for a Saturday or Sunday session.

Q. Can You Make My Song “Radio Ready?

A. We can absolutely make your song “Radio Ready” in terms of professional sound quality. We have recorded many songs that have been played on the radio, both college and major radio stations like 104.5FM. Keep in mind, "Radio Ready" has as much to do with how good the song and your performance as it does the recording itself. If you are recording Hip-Hop or Rap, bring in the best possible version of your instrumental, preferably a .wav file. Stem files of the entire beat would be even better so we can mix the whole song.

Q. How Long Will It Take?

A. It depends on a lot of factors such as: length of the song, number of instruments and members in the group performing, how well rehearsed you are, what level of post production and mixing you need, etc. We typically recommend budgeting one hour, per performer, per minute, per song for total time tracking and mixing for the best possible result. For example, if you are a band with a Drummer, Guitarist, Bassist, and Vocalist, recording a three minute song, budget 12 hours per song. If you are a solo rapper performing one 3 minute song, budget 3 hours per song. This is just a rule of thumb for budgeting time for the most polished possible recording you can make. We often have great recordings that happen much quicker, and sometimes have songs that take longer.

Q. What Do I Need To Bring?

A. If you think you will want to use it, bring it. We have a studio full of professional equipment and instruments, but it’s always better to bring something and not need it.

Q. Can I Bring Guests?

A. Yes, but only bring company who will constructively contribute to your session. You don’t want anyone to distract you from achieving your goals during the session. Please let your engineer know if you are expecting company at the beginning of the session. 

Q. Where Are You Located?

A. We are located at 34 Mill Street, Mount Holly, NJ 08060. The entrance to the studio is located on the side of the building marked by a large sign for Blue Light Digital Sound. Ring the buzzer and we’ll let you in. For parking, please see the next question.

Q. Where Can I Park?

A. You can park in the street, or in the parking lot behind Ott’s Bar and Grille off of Paxson Avenue. You may use the lot adjacent to our building for loading and unloading only. The lot is owned by our neighbors who have large trucks coming and going, so please respect them and park on the street or in the Paxson Ave. lot after you load in. 

Q. What If I Need To Cancel or Reschedule?

A. Your booking deposit reserves the studio and engineer. We require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule to preserve your deposit. If you cancel within that window, we will apply your deposit to your rescheduled session. If you cancel with less than 48 hours you will lose your deposit.

Q. I’m running late, can we move our start time?

A. No. The session clock starts at the agreed upon time when you book your session. 


Q. Can you edit that?

A. Probably. But sometimes it’s better to simply give it another try. Most simple mistakes can be edited, but major performance errors need to be re-recorded.

Q. You Can Fix That In The Mix Right?

A. No. Mixing is meant to enhance and polish a recording. We recommend budgeting an appropriate amount of time for your recording sessions to make sure your engineer can make everything sounds its best when we hit the record button. 

Q. Will You Remove Tags From Beats?

A. NO. We respect the copyright of all producers and will only remove tags in beats that are officially licensed with permission to do so.

Q. Can You Make Me Sound Like T-Pain, Drake, Taylor Swift?

A. We have Auto Tune, but it doesn’t define the voices of those artists, it only gives it an effect and doesn't alter the tonal quality of the performer's natural voice. 

Q. Do You Offer Internships?

A. Yes! We have a few strict requirements though. Firstly, you must be seeking the internship for school credit! You must play an instrument, you must have some recording experience, submit a professional resume including all relevant musical experience you have, have a clean record, and pass an interview. Interested applicants can send their resume and cover letter email to